Healthy Tortillas Rolls

Ever since we started our fitness journey, we have been experimenting with popular recipes and making them healthier.

Time is also a big constraint so we try and adapt recipes which take minimal cooking.

Ingredients –
Amul herb garlic butter
1 finely chopped red bell pepper
1 finely chopped yellow bell pepper
Chings chilli vinegar
Chings Soy sauce
1 finely chopped onion
1 finely chopped tomato
Chopped lettuce
1 tin heinz baked beans
Easy life Oregano and chilli flakes seasoning
Tex mex salsalito tortilla wrap
Veeba mustard sauce
Veeba mint mayonnaise
Neo foods Olives
Neo foods Pickled Red paprika
Neo foods sliced Jalapeno
Amul cheese

Preparation –

  • In a pan heat garlic butter and add chopped yellow and red bell pepper.
  • saute for 2 mins,salt, 2 tbsp soy sauces and 2 tbsp chilli vinegar and let it cook till it dries up.
  • add baked beans to it and sprinkle oregano and chilli flakes seasoning.
  • saute for 5 mins, take it off th flame and let it cool. Assembling-
  • take a wrap and warm it up a little to soften it up.
  • put a layer of baked beans mix, onion, tomato, lettuce, mustard and mint sauces, olives, jalapenos, red paprika and grated cheese.
  • wrap it and serve
    Disclaimer- ingredients used by me are perfected after a lot of trial and error. You can use some other ingredients but outcome is best with these.

Hiking to Tiger’s Nest Temple

  • Starting of the trek. All set and pepped up to go!

  • This was one of the easier stretch

  • Mandatory selfie aka praan jaye par selfie na jaye 😉

  • Yayyy almost there!

  • On the entrance steps

  • This is a beautiful to look at Temple in Paro, Bhutan on a cliff which is at a High Altitude, Steep Incline and Rough Terrain. It is perched on the side of a Himalayan mountain at 3,120 metres (10,240 ft), about 900 metres (3,000 ft) almost straight up.
    The moment I read it in our iternary, the word ‘hiking’ started harrowing me as I’m not at all a person who would opt for hiking willingly, And I kept reading and digging information about it on internet ,but, beleive you me, I’ve come to realise that no amount of reading can match up your own experience, good or bad.
    Usually Tiger’s Nest Temple is kept on the last day of the trip because one, to keep the interest and charm of it going throughout the trip, two , we get acclimatise with the thin air and high altitude and three, you are left with no strength in your knees and back for atleast 2 days once you are done with this trek.
    For a regular hiker, this trek is a piece of cake but if you eat a lot of cake then you feel every ounce of your body cursing that cake when you are on this trek which yours truly experienced along with damaged knees.
    A good 98% of the trek is the rough terrain and I somehow managed it huffing , puffing and cribbing but then comes the view point, and I could see the temple RIGHT THERE on the other cliff. Happiness galore, pictures clicked and shred and a feeling of achievement had just started to come and then I saw steep steps! Some 700 steps going down and 250 steps going up. Those were a very small part but a killer part nevertheless. But I did it! with my heart panting in my mouth,my legs shivering and my back broken I reached the temple. The temple is nothing extraordinary that you haven’t seen in the other monasteries. It’s simple with lots of stories,myths and legends. Infact I felt a little air of disappointment, for where I reached after such a difficult trek, there was no wow factor for myself.I kept thinking, why can’t they make a ropeway,why not a suspension bridge and so on but looks like hiking is the charm for people to come to this place. I witnessed many old couples in there 70s and 80s trekking ( oh! How I was admiring them) and visiting this temple and Bhutanese are regular visiters here.
    Legend has it, that the first guru in Bhutan flew on a tigress’ back and reached up on the cliff and that’s where the temple was made. When we were heading back I was desperately and frantically hoping and looking for that tigress to appear for me, hell even a walking horse will do (horses were available but looking at their path where they walk on edge I trusted my jelly-turned-legs) but none of that happened and somehow with a crackling leg and an aching back I reached back down and completed this difficult trek swearing never to to go back on a rough terrain trek again and yet I’m so glad I could do it and the bad, good and happy memories of this day will stay with me in my mind and in my camera forever. They are also etched on my face and hands as severe tanning but that shall be gotten rid off!! ~ Juhi

Ravishing_rambles shared their travel story with you.

Best friends who travel together

Sometimes you are destined to meet people when your life is changing and going from one phase to another and, in turn, they change your life completely. While going through one such phase of transition in my life personally, I also decided that I will change myself mentally and physically. We all use and abuse our body, and with kids and other responsibilities of life our body takes a back seat. I was looking for some online motivation and information when I stumbled upon a fitness group and there I met my now best friend , Shruti. We hit it off from the first conversation like fire. Luckily, she is from gurgaon too and so we met for workouts together. We loved each other’s company,we thought alike and we were two strong women taking control of our lives and we silently became the support system for each other. The friendship also had a bumpy ride in between because of Our strong headedness but we missed talking to each other so much that we got back together and this time , as funny as it may sound, we literally made a written pact with each other of respecting and loving each other and our friendship even if we have difference of opinion.There was no looking back since then and now its been 7 years of our friendship. They say ” if a friendship lasts for 7 years, it’s going to last forever ” and Amen to that!Four years back we both decided that we must do girls trip each year to enrich our love for travel and gain new worldly experiences and since then , both of us have been to Bangkok, Goa , Langkawi and this year Switzerland! We just got similar tattoo done which depicts our love for travel And we run a blog for women travellers too.They have been the most enticing, enriching and adventurous (oh, we have ran on airports and train stations with a 25 kg suitcases, and have waited for our suitcases for 4 days, which got stuck in transit ) trips for us. It’s not been easy to leave 2 kids (each) and a full house and plan something selfishly only for ourselves but unlike many women, we first say ‘let’s do it ‘ than think about ‘ how to do it’Our mad love for travel, food, fitness and fashion makes our bond stronger. Our struggles are real and there’s a lot to achieve and do in life and it’s not easy when one has a family, home and work to look after but when you have a friend with whom you can ramble whatever you have in mind and just be yourself, everything looks easy.
This friendship has added so much to my life.
Here’s to the love for friendship, fun, travel and laughter!! ~ Juhi

In Love with Langkawi

I have been in love with Langkawi since 2015 when I went with my family and stayed in Westin, probably one of the Top 5 places there to stay.

We had to do it again for a girl’s trip.

Bay View, Westin Langkawi

We chose Westin again and were not disappointed. The view that awaited us as we arrived was spectacular. The hotel has 2 main pools and 2 infinity pools, a kickass club and awesome restaurants. It is situated near the pier, in Kuah, near to the local markets and the Eagle Square, the pride of the town.

It has its private beach where you can go for a spa or even attend a wedding!

Juhi, at the Westin beach.

Our itinerary was not locked and we took each day as it came, going by our mood and Langkawi’s rainy weather.

Our first day, we only checked out the property and chilled at the pool.

The second day, we decided to go sightseeing. Grab cabs are the way to travel within the city, turns out to be much cheaper than a rental car.

Langkawi Nature / Bird park is a good place to spend a day. Variety of birds is huge and you can see them from up close. Beautiful white peacocks are a must-see.


With the Majestic White Peacock at the Nature Park
Inside the reserve

The 3rd day was Oriental village, Langkawi Cable Car and Skybridge. The oriental village is sort of their Delhi Haat, but the new attractions are mindblowing, like the Trick Eye museum and the Dome.

Getting to the skybridge after the cable car,on foot, is the day’s cardio, but is quite an experience. The views of the mountain range are spectacular and you might just befriend a family of monkeys.


Langkawi Sky Bridge (Where DON was shot)

Peak of Gunung Machinchang

We also decided to go ziplining at Umgawa and what an experience it was! Do hire a personal photographer as the pictures are definitely going to be worth it.


We spent the last day shopping at Kuah and the Langkawi Fair mall, which is right opposite the Eagle Square. The amount of chocolates we bought can put school kids to shame!

All in all, this place is not only beautiful, serene and calm, but also safe for women travellers, unlike some of our well travelled places in India. (Wait for our next blog!)

The Float, at the Westin Langkawi, signifies the entire trip for me. Serenity surrounded by beauty.

Our sojourn to the LilFlea 2019

With Sugandha @shoesyourdaddy

Going to Delhi from Gurgaon, with 4 kids between us, is a logistical nightmare. But this is the first year of Lil Flea in Delhi and we had to go!

It was a 3 day fest of food, clothes, accessories and shoes, with live music and a book exchange.

By the time we reached, through a Hellish Uber ride and 2 km walk, we were famished. But the food stalls were not up and running by then so we looked around and found ourselves in Clothes Heaven!

We ended up at several amazing sustainable clothing brands like @sundarii_handmade, @redsisterblue, @attibotextiles, @queenbeedysn, and my favorite artist @shoesyourdaddy. I have had a pair of Vans painted by Sugandha @Shoesyourdaddy and this time I ordered the same Van Gogh print on my denim jacket. She is amazingly talented and a wonderful person.

Some jewellery brands like @bhavyarameshjewellery had really innovative and different stuff.

Some of the brands there were exorbitantly priced, but I guess that’s the price you pay for being in Delhi!

Finally by 1 pm, the food stalls started to show some activity and our stomachs were rumbling. The food selection was pretty amazing and totally killed our collective sensible diet plans! The stall of @cake.n.up was pretty good and so were their cakes and pops. Special mention to their Paan Pop.

We also bought kachoris and some pickles from Spice Co. Delicious stuff. It left us asking for more.

The arrangements for music and audience was great too. Mattresses and futons, little tents strewn around the stage.

All in all, we had a great time. Cannot wait for next year’s edition.

Jab we met

The year was 2012, I joined a Facebook group for fitness, as I was just starting my fitness journey and needed motivation. I saw Juhi’s posts on that group and found that we thought alike. We soon realised that we lived in the same city and decided to meet.

All I remember is having deep respect for this creature and instant friendship.

And the rest is, as they say, history.

We are literally thick as thieves and share our love for travel, food, fitness and fashion!

This little blog is going to be a little treasure trove of memories and good times that we have shared and the joy this friendship has brought to our lives.

Juha-I love u man!