I was a shy kid growing up, with hardly any friends. Socially awkward, a wallflower .
Things got better as I got older but I don’t have great memories from school. I made friends, sure, but not the kind that one yearns for. 

I met my “best” friend in college and I thought this is what friendship really means. We were there for each other through everything! I had never felt so comfortable with any human before. 

But post college, our lives took different directions, she did her post grad, made new friends, while I started working. 
I tried to hold on to our friendship in the same way, which was kind of stupid of me. 
Every birthday or Friendship Day, I would make crazy extra efforts to make her day while getting a lukewarm response every year. 

And this went on for 20 years! 
Our lives were really different at this point and I willed myself to make new friends, which was so hard for me! 

I found my Juhi about 7 years ago. This was a grown up friendship. We had similar challenges and likings, we are quite similar and yet so different. But there is compassion and understanding and willingness to continue the friendship through those challenges. 


So I guess friendship, like all relationships, needs to evolve with time and age. 
I haven’t spoken to my college friend in more than a year, she moved cities, didn’t really tell me, etc. I am happy if she is happy but the same friendship is not there. 

One thought on “Friends

  1. Read this and felt lot of common things that most of us share in our lives. Thanks for this write up. This is a good learning to let go things even if they are best friends.


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