My Baby, My Zoya

When we got her home she had barely completed 3 months. She was the calmest, happiest most no fuss baby we ever met.
In fact, she was so calm that when people visited us to see her, she would not make any sound, being in the same room, nobody would notice her!
As time went on, she started crashing her milestones. Although to be fair, our benchmark was Zara.
Zoya stood up at 5.5 months, walked in her 9th month and has been running ever since.
She loves to climb things and is completely fearless.
She is also the most perceptive child, is very aware and is so loving. Totally dotes on her Didi and vice versa. And I literally melt when she says Mama!
Not even for a second do we think that she is not ours, biologically. But I know that we have a battle ahead of us when she will join school and will go through some form of teasing etc.

I don’t even want to think about it right now as it just makes my blood boil.
The Great Indian Prejudice.

We just need to make sure we make her strong enough to deal with all the crap life will throw at her.

If not, the world will have me to answer to.

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