Staycation at The Roseate

It’s been a year since our last vacation as a family, or even just the 2 of us, well…because 2 kids is a whole different ballgame. 19th was my birthday and The Husband was busy the whole day! We got to spend time only at 11 pm.

So we did some planning, scheduling, cajoling, coaxing and flat out begging to have family look after the kids while we did a staycation!

Out of all the options available, we chose Roseate because of Sacred Games 🙈

And we were not disappointed.

The property is absolutely beautiful.

The entry to the reception is breathtaking.

The staff is warm and welcoming. Since we had just taken the membership, they took us through the process, coupons, restaurants, etc to make sure we knew where to go and how to avail maximum benefits.

The food at Chini is quite nice. We thought Kiyan was just about ok but the experience was amazing.

The rain played spoilsport that day and we were limited to the room all afternoon but we didn’t mind because even the room was breathtaking.

We wanted to go to Iyaah for drinks but the waterlogging was too much and we could not get to it 🤷

So we went back to Kiyan. The staff really made sure that we celebrated my birthday in the best way possible.

The next morning we took a small walk within the property and the weather was great.

The whole place has such a calming vibe. I would recommend it at least once for the overall experience.

I know I will be back for sure.

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