Ravishing_rambles shared their travel story with you.

Best friends who travel together

Sometimes you are destined to meet people when your life is changing and going from one phase to another and, in turn, they change your life completely. While going through one such phase of transition in my life personally, I also decided that I will change myself mentally and physically. We all use and abuse our body, and with kids and other responsibilities of life our body takes a back seat. I was looking for some online motivation and information when I stumbled upon a fitness group and there I met my now best friend , Shruti. We hit it off from the first conversation like fire. Luckily, she is from gurgaon too and so we met for workouts together. We loved each other’s company,we thought alike and we were two strong women taking control of our lives and we silently became the support system for each other. The friendship also had a bumpy ride in between because of Our strong headedness but we missed talking to each other so much that we got back together and this time , as funny as it may sound, we literally made a written pact with each other of respecting and loving each other and our friendship even if we have difference of opinion.There was no looking back since then and now its been 7 years of our friendship. They say ” if a friendship lasts for 7 years, it’s going to last forever ” and Amen to that!Four years back we both decided that we must do girls trip each year to enrich our love for travel and gain new worldly experiences and since then , both of us have been to Bangkok, Goa , Langkawi and this year Switzerland! We just got similar tattoo done which depicts our love for travel And we run a blog for women travellers too.They have been the most enticing, enriching and adventurous (oh, we have ran on airports and train stations with a 25 kg suitcases, and have waited for our suitcases for 4 days, which got stuck in transit ) trips for us. It’s not been easy to leave 2 kids (each) and a full house and plan something selfishly only for ourselves but unlike many women, we first say ‘let’s do it ‘ than think about ‘ how to do it’Our mad love for travel, food, fitness and fashion makes our bond stronger. Our struggles are real and there’s a lot to achieve and do in life and it’s not easy when one has a family, home and work to look after but when you have a friend with whom you can ramble whatever you have in mind and just be yourself, everything looks easy.
This friendship has added so much to my life.
Here’s to the love for friendship, fun, travel and laughter!! ~ Juhi

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