Our sojourn to the LilFlea 2019

With Sugandha @shoesyourdaddy

Going to Delhi from Gurgaon, with 4 kids between us, is a logistical nightmare. But this is the first year of Lil Flea in Delhi and we had to go!

It was a 3 day fest of food, clothes, accessories and shoes, with live music and a book exchange.

By the time we reached, through a Hellish Uber ride and 2 km walk, we were famished. But the food stalls were not up and running by then so we looked around and found ourselves in Clothes Heaven!

We ended up at several amazing sustainable clothing brands like @sundarii_handmade, @redsisterblue, @attibotextiles, @queenbeedysn, prathaa.in and my favorite artist @shoesyourdaddy. I have had a pair of Vans painted by Sugandha @Shoesyourdaddy and this time I ordered the same Van Gogh print on my denim jacket. She is amazingly talented and a wonderful person.

Some jewellery brands like @bhavyarameshjewellery had really innovative and different stuff.

Some of the brands there were exorbitantly priced, but I guess that’s the price you pay for being in Delhi!

Finally by 1 pm, the food stalls started to show some activity and our stomachs were rumbling. The food selection was pretty amazing and totally killed our collective sensible diet plans! The stall of @cake.n.up was pretty good and so were their cakes and pops. Special mention to their Paan Pop.

We also bought kachoris and some pickles from Spice Co. Delicious stuff. It left us asking for more.

The arrangements for music and audience was great too. Mattresses and futons, little tents strewn around the stage.

All in all, we had a great time. Cannot wait for next year’s edition.

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